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and Logistics Management

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The myGeoTracking Store

For Mobile Employees and Managers

The No App Approach

The 'No App' solution lets you manage your mobile employees without installing any App. The service works on most phones on all major US & top Canadian carrier networks.

The myGeoTracking Agent

A lite App for your employees' smartphones to enable 'zero-touch' solutions such as automatic time-clocking, in/out alerts and more. Requires very little end-user involvement and supports.

For Managers

An App for mobile managers to help manage employees and optimize their resources while on the go. The app lets you visualize team location, access reports,collaborate via messaging and more.

Solutions for Mobile Workforce Management

Works on all phones with or without an app

Field Employee Visibility & Accountability

Manage Employees in realtime via Location information, Activity Alerts & Messaging. Web Dashboard to Visualize Field activities and Status.

GPS 'Zero Touch'
Time Clocking

Aggregate billable hours using accurate GPS Time Clocking & Electronic time sheet. Zero-touch job site attendance records. Integrate with standard Payroll systems including QuickBoooks.

Location-Aware Enterprise Messaging

Utilize Enterprise Messaging with Text and IVR for team operations. GPS-stamp all communication. Enhance Dispatch and Field Updates.

Emergency Response Team Management

Manage Emergency Responders (Employees or Contingency workforce). Customized alerts and notices based on field-activities such as employees' entry to a job site, shift start and end, status updates and other rules.

Contingent Workforce

Scalable Mobile Workforce Management solution for managing contract workforce or employees with BYOD Policies. Strong privacy controls.

Workforce Analytics
and Insights

Solution to gather realtime, location based intelligence from the field. Actionable insights into team efficiency, payroll savings and productivity improvements.

Audits and Compliance Reporting

Solution for industries requiring Employee attendance, Field status & Work Audit Reports. Custom Reports for industry compliance needs such as Transportation, USPS, Security, Home Care and others.

Instant Load Tracking

Solution for real-time load tracking, ETA and mileage using almost any type of phone. Supports adhoc owner-operator driver provisioning.

USPS Compliance

A USPS certified Transportation Location Service Provider. Comply with mail route contracts requirements using a simple phone. No expensive in-vehicle GPS devices.

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